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Brian Ridout

Sam possess a detailed psychological knowledge of the game. He will often leave you with an interesting thought to use when out playing on the course.

Robin Midgley

I have now asked Sam to focus on my short game and have already started to get much more height and spin with wedge shots from 90 yards or less.

Bruce Wright

If your truly looking for a  teacher to improve your game  and the pleasure you get from golf, I would heartly recommend Sam.

Marina Palomba

Sam's a fantasitc coach, it's been a pleasure to recieve instruction from him. He's easy going and does not overload his pupils with too much information and change all at once

About Sam

Sam's approach to coaching is methodical and logical, in an effort to make this most difficult game seem simple. He welcomes all levels of golfer from beginners to aspiring tour players. Lessons may be taken in time increments of your choice from thirty minutes and upward

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“The most important shot in golf is the next one.” – Ben Hogan

  • Diet & Nutrition Analysis
  • Protein every day
  • Modern muscle gains
  • Training Analysis
  • Quality muscle and fat
  • Training consistently Trends
  • Weekly Objectives
  • Lifting the weights


Golf Tuition



Taking up the sport can be an arduous task as is so many facets are needed to make functional and enjoyable experience, professional guidance is advisable.


Once you have a foundation, experience and wider and understanding of the game, its time to take it to the next level and making a goal to lower your handicap.


You've made it to the advance stage! the skill is now maintaining this level and enjoying the challenge of competing, practicing and mental skills are now your concern.


Whether you're a seasoned golf professional or rookie, I can help keep your game on track and work together to help you achieve the performance you desire.


Here is a list of my packaged programs, bespoke packages are available, please contact me to discuss you needs


  • Consultation
  • Coaching
  • Custom Fit
  • Club Gapping
  • Ball Fitting
  • Playing Lesson




  • 1 hour
  • 6 hours
  • Yes




  • 1 hour
  • 10 hours
  • Yes
  • Yes





  • 1 hour
  • 24 hours
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Nine holes



Set-up Position

There are 5 main factors to producing the correct set up position, perfecting these factors is the foundation to a repetitive swing


Achieving the correct positioning and swing plane are the main objectives in this phase, co-ordinating, arms, wrist and body are the goal


Initiating the downswing with the correct seqeuence will start a chain reaction to effortlessly aligning the swing path and clubface at impact 

Follow Through

All aspects being met in the set-up, backswing  & downswing, the follow through should be an natural flowing finishing phase


Learning to hit accurate and consistent pitch shots is one of the most difficult things in golf, as we use essential one club for many distances


Is essentially combining good techinque with refined feel and judgement, reading a green and pacing the ball requires many hours of practice


Is different to the pitch shot as we are trying to achieve more roll the flight, using several clubs in the bag to reach the pin successfully

Rules & Etiquette

Understanding the rules & etiquette of the game is a vital part of being a golfer, respecting fellow players and playing by the rules.

Course management

Understanding how to maximise your game on the course playng to your strengths and weaknesses, is a skill that will help you lower your score

Sam Quirke PGA

Sam Quirke is the Head Professional at the Drift Golf Club. He joined us in early 2006 from the Bedfordshire Golf Club, where he completed his PGA Diploma. Whilst at the Bedfordshire, Sam set up their thriving junior academy and was involved in the Girls county coaching. He now runs the junior coaching programme for the under 11s at Cranmore School in West Horsley. 

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Booking Lessons

Lessons can be book by directly contacting me or through the golf centre at the Drift golf club, the past few years I have been very busy, so if you need lessons i suggest you book as soon as possible to reduce disappointment.

Lesson Times and availablity are set out throughout the week, including weekends and bank holidays, hours are dependant of daylight.